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Level Test: Pre-Intermediate - Intermediate

Choose the correct answer:
1.  How long have you been living in Madrid?

2.  Did you have lunch at home yesterday?

3.  Where do you live?

4.  Have you had dinner yet?

5.  Why are you putting on your coat?

6.  What do you think about Elizabeth Taylor?

Choose the correct question:
7 - No, I'm sorry. I haven't got any change

8 - Buy a big house.

9 - Yes, I have.

10 - He's in London.

Choose the correct variant:













24.  You should never look directly at sun.

25.  There was beautiful beach right outside the apartment.

26.  What kind of entertainment was there in the hotel?

27.  You smoke if you want to be healthy.

28.  You wear jeans or trousers at work if you want.

29.  Anna isn't here. She out an hour ago.

30.  President Putin lunch with Tony Blair the day after tomorrow.

31.  I'm sure I wrote Julia's telephone number, but now I can't find it.

32.  James had three weeks work last month because he broke his leg.

33.  There are oranges in the fridge.

34.  I went shopping a present for Julie.

35.  I've got a BMW. I've had it

36.  I've washed my hair.

37.  They invited us a meal with them.

38.  Everything was fine at first but they started playing music, we found we were next to the speakers.

39.  I dinner with Mark on Friday. Would you like to join us?

40.  Does this photo remind you anyone?

41.  Tim's very interested motorcycles.

42.  Has Abdul found a place yet?

43.  The Windsor Castle is really worth

44.  Jenny was by the news.

45.  The President's decision is absolutely

46.  I'd like to pay credit card, please.

47.  In the UK psychology in universities but not usually in schools.

48.  There's wrong with this milk. It smells oddly.

49.  Passengers to walk around the plane when it is taking off.

50.  You look really tired. I think you to take a day off.

51.  I knew I have gone to that hairdresser. My hair looks terrible.

Cross the odd word out:
52.  go for

53.  play

54.  recognize

55.  I've got

56.  start

57.  make

58.  tell