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Level Test: Upper-Intermediate - Advanced

Cross out the word or phrase which is incorrect:
1.  get

2.  What a

3.  achieve

4.  to cope with

Choose the correct variant:
5.  I put phoning her as long as I could, but in the end I knew I had to do it.

6.  My room's a mess. Can you help me tidy ?

7.  Your voice is very faint, would you mind speaking a bit?

8.  - Lingua Service Center, can I help you?
    - Can you put me to the accountants, please?

9.  I hadn't been riding before and could barely the horse at first.

10.  How long does it usually take to for a domestic flight?

11.  I haven't been Pete lately.

12.  Waiting ages for a bus makes me so frustrated!

13.  Would you mind me your umbrella?

14.  It took a little time to get used on the left, but I'm fine now!

15.  Would you like you up from the station?

16.  In spite of tired, she went on working.

17.  People say high-heels are quite comfortable once you to them.

18.  We stopped some fruit at the market on the way to the picnic.

19.  Stonehenge, the famous stone circle in the south-west of England, about 5,000 years ago.

20.  Traffic jams are particularly heavy at the moment while the city's new underground system

21.  You really should go and see Trouble in Paradise. It's one of the best films I this year.

22.  I was especially careful because I abroad before.

23.  In ten years' time, everyone about the current financial scandal.

24.  I realise as I look at my grandmother that she old.

25.  She with him again unless he apologises.

26.  She the door when she realised the keys were inside the car.

27.  This time next month on the beach in Greece.

28.  By the time you get home I painting the bathroom.

29.  I wouldn't have booked the court if me you couldn't play today.

30.  Things are getting better in long term.

31.  I've never really liked jazz. Have you?

32.  They went canoeing on Amazon when they visited Brazil.

33.  Don't wait to be asked, come round time!

34.  In general, I agreed with what he said, although I didn't agree with points.

35.  We must get new furniture for the living room.

36.  This is the Chinese vase I told you about.

37.  He offered to give me a lift home, I thought was very nice of him.

38.  The Prime Minister has been suffering from ill-health recently, and as a result he forced to resign.

39.  The 20.30 Super-Express train from Paris on platform one in approximately ten minutes' time.

40.  - Someone forgot to lock the front door last night.
     - Well, it me. I definitely remember locking it.

41.  - I feel so sick.
      - Well, you Mary's chocolates. It's your own fault.

42.  - Jane and Jack aren't speaking to each other this morning.
      - They an argument. I remember hearing shouting last night.

43.  I find the way she keeps playing with her hair really .

44.  She was to discover that she had won first prize.

45.  I misread the time on the ticket and we the plane.

46.  I worked all summer but I didn't enough to save any money.

47.  She has a position as general manager.

48.  It was very of you to lend us your car for the whole week.

49.  He criticised her in the meeting and I'm afraid she's really taken it .

50.  He may not be good looking but he's one of the most people I've ever met.

51.  He runs a very business selling spare parts for cars on the Internet.

52.  Do you know possible to get to Lilydale by bus?

53.  Let's take up hang gliding, ?

54.  You all you're having a wonderful time.

55.  What about doing something we've never done before going bungee jumping?

56 , I want to explain why the team has not managed to get into the first division.

57 my opinion, students shouldn't have to repeat the year if they fail their exams.

58 was she very rude to my mother, but she insulted my father too.