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сессия IELTS 19 ноября 2016 г.

19 ноября 2016 г. в нашей школе состоялась очередная сессия IELTS.

Степасюк   Пономаренко

Средний балл - 7.0, 2 кандидата получили по 8.5 баллов.
От всей души поздравляем всех кандидатов с успешным прохождением теста!

Отзывы кандидатов об обучении и проведении сессии IELTS в языковой школе "Лингва Сервис Центр":

"Экзамен сложен тем, что ты строго ограничен по времени, но подготовиться реально (если, конечно, готовиться). В целом, все прошло организованно. Могу оценить работу "Лингва Сервис Центра" и сотрудников BKC-IH Moscow IELTS Centre высоко."

"Занимательные уроки и полезное обучение. Каждое занятие насыщено учебными материалами и продуктивно."

Дмитриенко Антон:
Дмитриенко"I took my IELTS exam on 19th of November. It was amazing experience that I haven't had before. I can't help but to remark the atmosphere during the exam. It was convivial and conducive to get through that challenge. Speaking about Invigilator, she was very welcoming, so I didn't feel anxious or panic-stricken. I should also say some words about Komissarova Elena Nikolaevna, who made preliminary exam preparations. She exuded confidence and had a positive outlook. That had helped me to relieve my concerns and compose myself before the exam started.
To shed the light on the speaking part of the exam, it was the most delightful part, when you have a nice opportunity to talk to examiner. Frankly, I was a bit wired before the conversation. However, no sooner had I come in, than my nervousness vanished. The examiner was so amiable and affable, that I commenced to perceive the speaking part as a warm chat with the foreign friend, whom I haven't seen for ages.
For those, who are at their very beginning and choose between IELTS and TOEFL, I recommend opting for IELTS, due to its clear structure and opportunity to speak with examiner during the speaking part. I should also notice, that the meticulous preparation is vital if you decide to undertake that exam, because there is no extra time given and if you are unaware of the exam format or certain strategies, you are highly unlikely to obtain high band. Personally, I spent 5 months to feel my readiness to IELTS.
All in all, my score is 7.0. I wish I acquired at least 7.5, yet 7.0 meets the admission requirements of Canadian university where I have every intention to continue my education.
Good luck everyone and thank you LSC for the opportunity to undertake IELTS without going to Moscow. It is incredibly convenient!
P.S. I'm sorry for mistakes If they take place (my band allows me to make occasional inaccuracies:) )."



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