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Whether you're headed for Russia or you're thinking about doing so, Lingua Service Center stands ready to help with as many aspects of your trip as you need. From the arrivals lounge to the check-in call for your departure flight, our packages are flexible and based on your individual needs. We are an educational institution, but we offer much more than a spot of Russian lingo. We can provide you with trained guides for your adventures, be they in Moscow, Nizhnii Novgorod or elsewhere, and can be involved in arranging your accommodation and transport.

Your language needs will be met by our trained, English-speaking teachers who have experience of teaching Russian as a foreign language at all levels. Whether you want an intensive course or one which takes a back seat to your business or tourist activities here, lessons are geared towards improving your working knowledge of Russian for real-life use.

Speak to us about your trip, your ideas or your needs - contact us.

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